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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Tooth/Teeth may need root canal treatment in order to save and restore them. A tooth will need root canal therapy when the pulp in the root canal becomes infected.

Following are the steps of a root canal therapy

Step 1: Tooth is frozen with local anaesthetic agent.

Step 2: Rubber Dam barrier is placed on the tooth.

Step 3: Access to the root canals is achieved by making a hole either on the chewing surface of the back teeth or the back of the front teeth.

Step4: The infected pulp tissue is removed from the root canals and the root canals are filed and smoothened with hand and rotorary files.

Step 5: The canals are rinsed well , dried and sealed with a material known as Gutta Percha.

Step 6: An X-ray is taken to confirm proper completion of the therapy.

Step7: Doctor may prescribe your antibiotics.

PLEASE note that it is strongly recommended to have a artificial crown placed on the tooth/teeth that had root canal therapy to minimize the chances of future fracture of the teeth .

Advances in dental technology have made root canal therapy relatively pain-free experience.


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