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Sports Mouth Guard

As our children get into different kinds of sport, there seem to be a rise in the incidents of injuries. One of the type of facial injuries is then injury to their permanent teeth. There is higher incidence of front teeth injuries.

Therefore every child engaged in active sports should wear a protective mouth guard to prevent such accidents.

What to do if a tooth ever completely falls out,

Please gently pick it up from the crown part and if possible then remove the obvious debris, do not rinse the tooth in tap water. Place the fallen out tooth into a cup of cold milk, if milk is not available then try and place the tooth under the tongue of your child. Please inform the child not to swallow it. Visit your dentist as soon as possible so that the tooth can be replaced inside the socket with the hope to save the tooth.

Please bring the child to the nearest hospital as soon as possible if the injury is of serious nature.

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